Cryptographic Engineer

Mar 26, 2023

Job Description

Equilibrium is a leading global developer of decentralised technologies. We design, build, and implement solutions in critical, industry-defining projects for core Web3 infrastructure. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Finland, Equilibrium is a remote-first, distributed company of ~60 people across ~20 countries including senior engineers, economists, and cryptographers.

We work across three primary commercial activities: Consulting (high value-add engineering services, including end-to-end architectural design and implementation in blockchain and related systems), Venturing (internal studio for diversified, scalable Web3 products and applications through proprietary R&D), and Investing (capital deployment in large-cap liquid tokens and early-stage, illiquid Web3 related companies and technologies).

We are currently looking for a Cryptographic Engineer, who can help us shape the future of decentralized web. Your role will focus on implementing various cryptographic primitives and protocols, both for internal research projects and real-world blockchains.


  • Implement cryptographic primitives and protocols is the focus of your role
  • The implement work includes both internal research projects and real-world blockchains

Job Requirements

  • Low-level system languages e.g. Rust, C++, Go
  • Taking research papers to functional code
  • Blockchain node implementations
  • ZK-proof technology
  • Compilers and VMs
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