Customer Engineer

Feb 28, 2023

Job Description

Our Customer Engineering team provides upfront collaboration to a broad customer base. This creates an opportunity for continual learning. We have a tenacious customer focus with a high level of autonomy. If you see a problem and have the skills and motivation - fix it! You will be instrumental in getting the customer to a steady state, helping them grow, and observing their successes.

We build our platform on top of Vitess, built by our co-founders at YouTube and Google. We also provide enterprise support for customers running Vitess in their environment. To support both our cloud platform and enterprise customers, the Customer Engineering team leads the way. We are looking for a Customer Engineer to anchor our team.


  • You will triage and prioritize customer issues, while collaborating with our Technical Account Management and Support teams.
  • You will work on finding the root cause for high priority customer issues, designing and implementing code fixes in our codebase, while collaborating as necessary with our core Engineering teams.

Job Requirements

  • Experience deploying and running (or helping customers deploy and run) databases and applications, at scale
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes
  • Programming experience:  Golang preferred; but deep experience in back-end server or systems programming at some point in your career, preferably on mission-critical, concurrent code.
  • You have excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills; with a mix of enough experience and intuition to zero in on root-causes for bugs that can leave others stumped.
  • You are comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone. Be it delving into unfamiliar code in Vitess, one of its dependencies, or a random MySQL connector, written in a language you may not know (yet!). Working with code as your main source of documentation doesn't fluster you, and you are happy to help add/correct it as necessary where it may be inaccurate.
  • You can operate independently, but you know when you are in too deep and need to ask for help before going down a rabbit hole for days (or weeks!).
  • You know how to work under pressure in times of urgency. We and our customers both take issues with their data platform seriously.
  • You have good customer-facing skills. Even though your primary task isn't interacting directly with customers, we do believe in high-bandwidth engineer-to-engineer interaction with customers, where necessary, to troubleshoot issues.

What else will help you be successful

  • Knowledge of common application deployment platforms and frameworks. Our customers use all kinds of languages and frameworks to speak to Vitess / PlanetScale. While no-one can possibly be fluent with all of them, knowledge of a few can be super-useful.
  • Experience working in a remote organization
  • Basic knowledge of open source development and communities
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