Data Scientist I

Mar 21, 2023

Job Description

We fully embrace working remotely and we are eager to act, improve and accelerate progress inside and outside of our organization.

To drive revolutionary changes in society and make crypto useful, we delight our customers with world-class products, deep care, and intentional empathy.

Inside the Data Science team, you will do statistical and economics research to gather valuable insights and translate them into experimental initiatives that lead to structural changes across the organization.


  • Build econometric models to answer business questions.
  • Create a hypothesis based on exploratory data analysis.
  • Design, launch, and evaluate Randomized Control Trials across the organization.
  • Communicating results with different stakeholders.
  • Economic analysis to solve business problems.
  • Design surveys and interpret results.

Job Requirements

  • Proven English fluency.
  • Interest in building a career as a Data Scientist.
  • Prior work using R or Python to build econometric models.
  • Previous experience with statistical or economic research.
  • Ability to communicate insights to non-technical stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of causal inference models and basic financial concepts.
  • Prior experience using SQL to obtain data and manipulate databases.
  • Experience with survey design.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Math, Finance, Actuarial Sciences, or similar.
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