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Director of Software Engineering

Mar 30, 2023

Job Description

Private markets are shifting to online platforms at a rate of tens of billions of dollars a year. Online platforms suffer extreme drop off on initial signup because investors must go through a painful process of uploading multiple financial documents (as a part of regulatory requirements).

Parallel Markets significantly reduces this pain point by allowing investors to go through an onboarding process once - and then they can log in anywhere using a portable investor identity. Parallel Markets allows investors to become accredited once, and then invest anywhere with a single click.

We are seeking a gifted Director of Software Engineering to help support and grow our investor identity platform. This is a significant opportunity to be part of a growing team and help shape the way we develop, deploy, and operate production quality systems. In this role, your work will make a significant impact on Parallel Market’s customers, stakeholders, and ability to continue to scale.


  • Provide leadership and direction for a growing team of software engineers
  • Work closely with the CTO and business leadership to describe, prioritize, and complete product work
  • Leverage an Elixir Phoenix backend running on Amazon’s latest serverless technologies to power a Javascript/React frontend. Candidates do not need prior experience with any of these specific languages/frameworks, but they should have strong experience developing full stack web applications in some language/framework.
  • Engineer innovative approaches for collecting a variety of business critical metrics from Parallel Market’s various consumer-facing digital experiences.
  • Regularly collaborate with other partners on the legal, sales, and business development sides to scope potential new work

Job Requirements

  • Possess not only leadership skills but who also maintain strong, full-stack technical skills
  • Enjoy working in a collaborative environment where engineers are expected not only to build great technology, but also to define project vision, specify technical strategy, and always be learning
  • Demonstrable proficiency and a track record of professional success leading engineering teams
  • Experience presenting to audiences and communicating effectively and empathetically with clients and other stakeholders

Strong preference will be given to candidates who have experience:

  • Writing code in Go, Python, Ruby, Elixir, Rust, or Clojure
  • Using Amazon Web Services
  • Previously serving in a security / pen testing role
  • Querying Google’s BigQuery / large relational datasets
  • Developing with React or Angular
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