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Full-Stack Data Engineer

Apr 26, 2023

Job Description

Pocket Network is the leading decentralized blockchain infrastructure protocol. As an open-source, permissionless protocol driving developer adoption, we believe in a future that will enable greater participation in global digital economies and communities.

We're looking for open-minded, motivated individuals that want to expand the adoption of Web3. We are a fast-moving, collaborative, and free-thinking team. We're united by our desire to fully decentralize Web3, build amazing products for our users, and create a diverse and welcoming workplace.

As a Full-Stack Data Engineer, your responsibility is to build, maintain and enhance data engineering pipelines between multiple databases. This requires collaboration with various teams, including Infrastructure, Backend, Frontend, and the business, to ensure requirements for robust analytics are met. You must also evaluate technology scalability issues with data consumption and recommend replacements. Maintaining documentation, building and maintaining databases, APIs, and analytics dashboards are also part of the role. Finally, you must ensure a scalable process and infrastructure for developing and releasing software, including the implementation of configuration and automation tools.


  • Build, maintain, and enhance Data Engineering Pipelines between multiple databases
  • Work across multiple teams and disciplines including Infrastructure, Backend, Frontend, and the business
  • Understand and execute on requirements around creating robust analytics
  • Build, maintain and enhance Databases (SQL)
  • Evaluate technology scalability issues with data consumption and recommend replacements
  • Maintain documentation with regards to Systems Diagrams, Data Dictionaries, and Data Pipelines
  • Build and maintain APIs and Analytics dashboards that consume the data
  • Develop software solutions based on client requirements
  • Collaborate with the development team to design, test and implement software applications
  • Write clean, efficient and maintainable code
  • Debug and troubleshoot software issues
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and programming languages
  • Ensure a scalable process and infrastructure for developing and releasing software
  • Implement configuration and automation tools to simplify process of deploying, testing, packaging, and upgrading software across our infrastructure
  • Build a deep knowledge of the technologies and tools used in our development and release cycles
  • Review code in close detail
  • Perform several tasks for several projects

Job Requirements

  • 2+ Years experience with Golang
  • 2+ Years experience with Typescript and React
  • 2+ Years experience with a Data Engineering stack like Apache Airflow
  • 5+ years experience with SQL
  • Exceptional Communication Skills
  • 1+ years experience with Big Data
  • 1+ years experience with Cloud Technologies. GCP Preferred.
  • Experience with Python is a plus
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