Product Designer

Feb 16, 2023

Job Description

At Textile, we’re looking for passion, integrity, and an experimental mindset. We welcome rigorous thinkers who can move quickly, learn continuously, and thrive in a supportive and engaging workplace.

Textile's mission is to accelerate the exchange of information on the Internet. We are a small, fully remote team aligned in our vision to change the relationship between technology and data. What we are building Tableland.

Tableland is a network and SQL protocol for EVM chains like Ethereum. It is built for developers.


  • End to end ownership of all existing and new Tableland user interfaces—from design to user experience
  • Work closely with the CTO
  • Help coordinate implementation
  • Build a deep understanding of all participants in our community: builders, developers, partners, investors, and more
  • Collaborate across teams to research and define both long-term strategy and short-term tactics around design and user experience
  • Design early product concepts and quickly test concepts within the team and the community
  • Focus on experimentation and optimization of user journeys

Job Requirements

  • 5+ years designing SaaS products
  • High level understanding of some common web3 product flows (such as Sign In With Ethereum, signing messages, calling smart contracts, pending vs. confirmed transactions, etc.)
  • Ability to start in something like Figma—from ground zero—and build up a full design and user experience
  • Execution of core product design skills: visual design, prototyping, interaction design, implementation (e.g., familiarity with JS, TypeScript, etc.) and information architecture
  • Systems thinking—can extrapolate and extend shared patterns and behaviors

Preferred qualifications:

  • 2+ years of relevant product design experience in web3
  • Can reduce complex problems down to the right balance of flexibility, power, and ease of use
  • Are skilled in explaining your work, process, and decisions to cross-functional stakeholders and crave feedback to help you produce your best work
  • Rigorous about the details—excited to keep pushing your work until is pixel-perfect
  • Value working with a diverse group of contributors with different perspectives and expertise
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