Protocol Engineer

Feb 16, 2023

Job Description

Textile's mission is to accelerate the exchange of information on the Internet. We are a small, fully remote team aligned in our vision to change the relationship between technology and data.

Textile is building Tableland , a network and relational metadata protocol for EVM chains like Ethereum. Your role will be to help spearhead the protocol itself, including validator design and smart contracts, staking and rewards, token simulations, and more.


  • Work with the Validator team to iterate on Tableland’s core set of smart contracts.

           - Table registry: Ownership and ACL tracking, funding, and rewards.

           - Validator registry: Staking and rewards.

  • Build token simulations across various EVM chains (mainnet, L2s, sidechains).
  • Lead smart contracts security audits.
  • Follow the latest EVM smart contract developments.

Job Requirements

  • Have 5+ years of production-level software experience.
  • Have 2+ years of production-level Solidity experience.
  • Have some interest in TypeScript, Golang, or Rust.
  • Are an excellent communicator and writer.
  • Are incredibly curious, professional, personable, and self-directed.
  • Have track-record of influencing and making critical decisions.
  • Have open-source project experience.
  • Have attention to detail with a passion for software architecture and design.
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