Search Engineer - Front End

Mar 19, 2023

Job Description

Brave Search is looking for talent to make better. Your work will impact the future of search to be used by millions of people. Brave search engine is fully autonomous and independent with its own ranking, crawling and indexes, aiming to offer a true alternative to Microsoft and Google. Plenty of challenges, if that triggers you and feel you can contribute, do not hesitate to apply.

As a Frontend Engineer you will be part of our search team and work very closely with our Design, Product, Business Development and Marketing teams.

Search is a very performance-sensitive application and you will be responsible for front-end, and some back-end, development. You will own, build, and develop new and existing capabilities into the search page.

You should be very familiar with HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript and have strong design principles. We currently use a mixture of tools but are primarily using Fastapi and Svelte. If you obsess over fast, performant, and beautiful web applications then you should apply.


  • Communicate with Design, Product to determine requirements and assets for functionality on the Brave Search web application.
  • Maintain existing components and features on Brave Search.
  • Effectively translate designs into performant and fully responsive pages or apps. This occasionally involves offering design suggestions in order to better accommodate various screen sizes.
  • Ensuring high-performance and availability.
  • Keeping us to a high security standard
  • Work collaboratively with geographically-distributed team members to help identify and fix bugs

Job Requirements

  • Deep understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Advanced knowledge of Python.
  • Experience working with a design team to implement a front-end design system.
  • Experience developing API Gateways.
  • Experience working with a front-end framework/library such as React, Vue, Angular, or Svelte.
  • Experience building a responsive website across various screen sizes
  • Understanding of security issues surrounding all aspects of the front-end
  • Ability to work fast and under tight deadlines

Nice to haves

  • Remote work experience
  • Experience with Svelte.
  • Understanding CDN systems, cache purging
  • Experience deploying and managing AWS services and web apps
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