Security Researcher

Apr 24, 2023

Job Description

MetaMask is both a crypto wallet and a gateway to the decentralized web. Our tools help people create communities, play video games, access financial services, make payments, invest in assets, protect against economic turmoil, and more. Our browser extension and mobile platforms meet the needs of millions of users and developers across the world.

Originally a humble key manager, today MetaMask serves over 30 million monthly active users as a decentralized application development platform, an aggregator of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and a decentralized identity manager.

MetaMask has experienced explosive user growth over the past year as a cryptographic key manager and web3 application development platform. As this user base continues to grow, an immense amount of trust is being placed in MetaMask as a tool that manages and wields their digital authority, controlling assets, identities and more. It is of highest importance to us that we keep our users as safe and secure as possible.

We are looking for a Security Researcher to expand our security team efforts in identifying and countering new threats, improving security awareness for our users, and evaluate security-posture. This role will offer experience in an ever-evolving web3 industry, with ever-evolving security events.

You will be responsible for disclosing security research on web3 space vulnerabilities with the MetaMask security team, ConsenSys security team and external stakeholders


  • Identify new methods for improving awareness and countering new threats.
  • Code reviews.
  • Research security posture on tools used by MetaMask.
  • Evaluate security incidents in the Web3 space.

Job Requirements

  • Someone who has a passion for open-source and security.
  • Someone who is especially familiar with Web3 terminology.
  • Someone who has experience with handling cybersecurity-related events.
  • Someone who is familiar with past security incidents on Web3 banners (both blockchain-based and web2 based).
  • Someone who is a team-player and can work well with cross-team collaboration.
  • Someone who has excellent and professional communication skills (written and verbal) with an ability to articulate complex topics in a clear and concise manner.

Bonus points

  • You have a portfolio of write-ups on web2/web3 security.
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