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Senior Backend Engineer

Mar 1, 2023

Job Description

At 3Box Labs we are on a mission to usher in a new era for the web, where data is secure, interactions are trustworthy, and relationships are the basis of connection. We're enabling online experiences that are delightful and integrated while also bolstering privacy and freeing innovation. Our first product, Ceramic, is the building block for composable data on the web and is powering thousands of the world's most ambitious applications.

Come help us tackle novel challenges and reinvent how data is managed online. Every one of our roles is remote first (retreat often!). We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team because we cannot succeed in our mission without it. People that identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in tech are particularly encouraged to apply.

As a Senior Backend Engineer, you will join the Ceramic Core Protocol Team in working on and learning from problems related to distributed consensus, sharding, peer-to-peer networking, cryptography, object capability systems, blockchain system design, and more.


Success looks like...
  • You have collaborated with colleagues and contributed heavily adding several key capabilities to the Ceramic Protocol and other core products, built with consideration for scalability, and test coverage to ensure a high quality implementation.
  • You have helped mature the Ceramic testing infrastructure to enable us to ship new versions and features quickly while maintaining a high bar of quality
  • You have helped improve the experience for developers building on Ceramic. Every feature or API you work on is clear, well-documented, and free of any major surprises. Overall developers find Ceramic easy to understand and build on
  • You have honed your skills (and learned new ones) contributing to cutting edge technology in one or more of the following disciplines: horizontally scaling the peer-to-peer pubsub network while maintaining strong peer connectivity; adding cryptographically enforced data confidentiality and an Object Capability-based access control system; building out our test infrastructure to enable complex multi-node testing scenarios;
  • You have worked with the community to increase understanding and adoption of Ceramic by doing such things as improving documentation, answering community questions, speaking publicly about Ceramic, etc.

Job Requirements

  • Deep mastery of one or more programming languages - Typescript, Go and Rust preferred
  • Experience with highly distributed systems, especially with horizontal scaling, databases, etc.
  • Experience with multi-threaded/highly concurrent software
  • Built and supported infrastructure software used by other developers to run their production applications
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills around architecture trade-offs, and a desire to work as part of a team committed to a common goal
  • Passion to enable for great developer experiences and understanding the importance of robust testing frameworks

Bonus points

  • Knowledge of p2p database systems
  • Knowledge with libp2p & ipfs
  • Experience with distributed consensus, peer-to-peer systems, blockchains are a big plus
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