Senior Backend Engineer

Apr 4, 2023

Job Description

MomentRanks makes collecting non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, incredibly easy, fun, and social. NFTs can be collectibles, gaming items, domain names, digital art, and many other items backed by a blockchain.

We're looking for an experienced, fast-moving backend software engineer who loves building scalable architecture and solving complex data problems. This role will be focused on architecting and scaling our blockchain data ingestion and associated APIs.

We work with Node.js, Mongo, AWS, and some Go and Python.


  • Own the ingestion of blockchain data across the NFT ecosystem (with our help, of course)
  • Ideate and deliver on second-level analytics, like NFT valuations and recommendations, to create value for users
  • Build scalable architecture to increase data throughput
  • Surface Node.js APIs around NFT data to help ship value to users, using state-of-the-art NestJS patterns
  • Help architect our social layer from a database and API perspective
  • Be excited to learn about the future of blockchain technology
  • Add positive energy in every meeting, and make your coworkers feel included in every interaction

Job Requirements

  • An ability to write high quality code quickly, with a bias towards shipping
  • 5+ years (or equivalent side projects) developing scalable backend and data architectures
  • Examples of 0-to-1 backend/systems problems you've solved
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