Senior Design Engineer

Feb 28, 2023

Job Description

The PlanetScale Design Studio’s Brand team is a small-but-mighty group of Design Engineers and Brand Designers with outsized impact. Design Engineers aren’t code-monkey implementers that get a redlined mockup thrown over the fence, but equal partners in creative ideation and execution. We practice close collaboration in weekly Figma-and-VS-Code jam sessions, allow enough room to actually play and explore alongside shipping, and foster a healthy environment for respectful design and code review to make work we’re all proud of.

You’ll join fellow Design Engineers and Brand Designers to translate product concepts and values into engaging web experiences, like the main marketing website, blog, landing pages, microsites, docs, and internal tools. You shouldn’t have to choose between “being a designer” or “being a programmer” when both of those worlds inform your singular work. We both know you have the chops to produce good work — we value your point of view as a creative technologist leader, too. Your day-to-day collaborators are fully remote across the U.S. and Europe, so we communicate clearly (synchronously and async) while we share work early and often.


  • Designing and developing web experiences: generate concepts, wireframe, gather requirements, explore design interactions, iterate on visual design, build, document, and refine digital marketing touchpoints
  • Authoring robust modern JavaScript (React via Next.js) code and thoughtful markup (HTML, CSS) to drive brand awareness, community trust and engagement, and key business metrics
  • Nurturing a ship-and-iterate mindset of experimentation to learn more, try cutting-edge tech, A/B test, and more
  • Collaborating with the marketing, product/engineering, revenue, and executive leadership teams in our mission to market the best database platform

Job Requirements

  • 6+ years of experience on interdisciplinary design and/or engineering teams
  • A portfolio of work with examples of front-end code (including applied knowledge of JavaScript and React concepts) and UI/UX design artifacts
  • A “self-starter” ability to manage time between multiple initiatives (it’s a startup — we move quickly!)
  • Stellar written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience shaping and leading design engineering strategy, especially within a niche, like performance, animation, or accessibility
  • Full-stack prowess to wire backend data models to the front-end interface
  • Informed curiosity: you’re the one in your department always sharing a link to the latest browser devtools changelog entry
  • Familiarity with marketing funnels and revenue metrics
  • Experience working in a remote organization
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