Senior Product Designer

Feb 16, 2023

Job Description

Founded in 2018, MakersPlace is a curated online marketplace that allows artists to create and sell unique digital creations (NFTs) using blockchain technology (digital art marketplace). We offer a platform aimed at empowering digital creators to create and sell their unique pieces, while providing verifiable proof of authenticity, ownership, and scarcity on the blockchain.

Working an incredibly talented team, you will be a formative and early product designer that will help shape the future user experience of MakersPlace. You will collaborate daily with engineers and product thinkers who are pioneering the NFT space, and you will rapidly launch and learn from the products you create. Making complex ideas simple for users is par for the course, and you are passionate about conveying trust, emotion, and user fulfillment in the products you design. A discerning eye for type, space, and interaction with a strong strategic mind for user experience and problem solving is a must.


  • Actively build and collaborate on the entire product development cycle; drive ideation, implementation, testing, evaluating and iteration.
  • Make the future feel tangible. Continuously drive a clear and consistent user experience across the product.
  • Understand user needs. Gather feedback directly from creators and consumers to define product needs.
  • Design, iterate, and prototype user experiences.
  • Drive solutions informed by insights and perfect them with design.
  • Develop strong opinions about our product and a compassion for the MakersPlace community.
  • Conceptualize, and deliver complete product design solutions.
  • Collaborate across disciplines: Partner with engineering to deliver practical and compelling product experiences.

Job Requirements

  • 6+ years working in product design.
  • Experience delivering high quality designs in a fast-paced environment.
  • A strong grasp of your design craft and a passion to develop an expertise in type, space, color, interaction, and UX flows.
  • Eagerness to continually evolve the MakersPlace product into a best-in-class experience.
  • Ability to present compelling product design solutions to stakeholders to help drive consensus.
  • Ability to identify the right user problems to solve.
  • An understanding and demonstrated ability to deliver data-informed product designs.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to develop and share ideas and concepts.
  • A portfolio showcasing your work.
Bonus Points:
  • Experience working in NFT, Blockchain or Crypto spaces.
  • Deep passion for empowering artists!
  • Mentorship and Management experience are a +
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