Senior Product Designer

Mar 29, 2023

Job Description

In 1954, in Columbus, Indiana, Eero Saarinen designed a branch office with glass walls, no offices, and a completely open floor plan. It was surrounded by trees; the furniture was made by Herman Miller; the lobby flooring was thick, rustic brick. It was built with transparency and community at its core.

Since 1954, a lot of things have happened—Saarinen’s branch is now a conference center, people increasingly live on the internet, and it’s hard to think of a single financial institution that still applies design thinking to their product.

We believe that in 2023 this revolves around thoughtful design, and we’re looking to add a product designer to our team to help.


  • Take ownership of large portions of a complex product.
  • Work across the entire design stack, including: speccing projects; designing workflows, detailed interactions, and high-fidelity visuals; and ensuring quality implementation.
  • Find elegant solutions to user problems, and think critically from the user perspective.
  • Simplify and cull design elements with a ruthless eye.
  • Craft designs from first principles (referencing existing solutions is often a poor idea).
  • Imbue mundane tasks and flows with a feeling of wonder.
  • Prototype multiple visual and UX concepts and then narrow them to the right solution.
  • Explain and debate the reasoning behind your product decisions.
  • Work directly with the Design Team.

Job Requirements

  • Have the ability to design whole systems, not just interface elements or static pages.
  • Have experience and interest in the entire design stack, including UI/UX, visual design, and interaction design.
  • Have experience building for a variety of form factors, including mobile.
  • Understand when no design is the best design.
  • Have a strong personal design aesthetic and also understand the Mercury aesthetic.
  • Want to create elegant, calm designs that predict and exceed users’ expectations.
  • Feel comfortable anticipating and designing for edge cases.
  • Understand the balance between perfect design and getting to market.
  • Exhibit kindness and humility in everyday interactions.
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