Senior Software Engineer (DevEx / Dapp API)

Feb 21, 2023

Job Description

Empowering developers to deliver great decentralized user experiences is at the heart of MetaMask’s purpose. From the beginning, we have done so by providing the web with an API that allows any developer to turn their site or web-app into a decentralized app connected to the blockchain.

The MetaMask Dapp API allows dapps to do things like: propose transactions to users, propose to users that they approve an address to transfer their tokens (this is how uniswap works), access the address of the users current account, use keys in MetaMask to help users encrypt and decrypt messages, propose to users that they sign specific messages, access the connected node/provider and call all methods on the Ethereum RPC API, and to propose that users add and switch to a specific network.

The Dapp API team carries an important mission to craft and maintain the best API for developers so that anyone can build on web3 by turning their website or web app into a decentralized app connected to the blockchain.

The senior software engineer role is a critical part of this team. They would be responsible for creating and managing the API that all MetaMask developers are using. As web3 involves, the API needs to evolve with the larger ecosystem. This requires a team of highly dynamic and agile software engineers to serve MetaMask’s developer community.


  • Growth-minded and collaborative, and who thrives in an environment with some ambiguity, autonomy, and the freedom to experiment.
  • Proficient and thoughtful with asynchronous and synchronous communication and with giving and receiving feedback
  • Supportive of their team’s collective performance and growth
  • Successfully working in a fully remote environment, individually and within a team
  • Respectful, patient, and empathic in every interaction and relationship with their coworkers and the community
  • Enthusiastic and unwavering on shipping high-quality code

Job Requirements

  • 4 years of JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js experience
  • 2 years of experience working on a team of at least 3 other engineers with a strong focus on peer reviews
  • 1 year of working experience with building/deploying dapps and/or web3/ethers.js libraries
  • 2 years of experience with architecting, implementing, and/or managing externally-facing APIs (used by developers not belonging to the same organization)
  • 2 years of experience managing an existing codebase
  • 1 year of experience owning and managing unit, integration, end-to-end tests, and/or testing frameworks/strategies
  • 1 year of experience with JSON-RPC, Swagger, and/or OpenAPI

While not required, experience in any of the following areas is very nice to have:

  • Security engineering
  • Involvement in EIP authoring or review processes
  • Browser APIs
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