Software Engineer

Apr 20, 2023

Job Description

Cloudflare + Vercel + Web3 = Fleek. We make it possible for developers to deploy and successfully scale sites and apps on the new web, using any preferred underlying protocols to power their sites (chain agnostic). From hosting, storage, gateways, domains and more, Fleek has everything you need to make effortless deployments of sites and apps to unstoppable, uncensorable, web3 protocols (like IPFS, the Internet Computer, and soon many more).

You’ll be joining at an exciting time! We’ve got updates coming in the future including a new Fleek platform and Fleek Network, an Open Source Application Delivery Network (ADN).

We’re looking for an experienced and dedicated Software Engineer to help us build new products and protocols on top of and at the intersection of Starknet/Starkware, the Internet Computer, IPFS, Ethereum, and other promising/emerging Web3 protocols.


  • Work with the Product and Engineering team to help design, architect and build protocols
  • Collaborate closely with one of the most talented and hard working teams of developers experienced with building products and protocols on top of and at the intersection of these bleeding edge Web3 technology

Job Requirements

  • Experience building applications using Rust, Go, JavaScript, or related languages. (Preferably Rust/Go)
  • Interest in decentralised technology and Web 3
  • Strong understanding of distributed systems principles and applications
  • Strong technical design ability informed by broad experience across multiple domains/specialties
  • Understanding of network protocols such as TCP, UDP, IP
  • Keen awareness of teamwork, process, and patterns of successful collaboration
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience working on open source projects
  • Knowledge of Blockchain protocols and applications
  • Working on Projects in Libp2p/Ipfs/Filecoin in either Go or Rust.
  • Please share your Github/Gitlab or similar account details or relevant public project links in your resume or description while applying for this job. It will help us understand your work better :)

Big Wins

  • Experience building with decentralized building blocks such as DHTs, consensus protocols, smart contracts, blockchain, p2p networking, etc.
  • Experience designing and building distributed and/or p2p software systems and applications.
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