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Solidity Engineer

Feb 16, 2023

Job Description

Edge & Node is a creative software development company working to build a vibrant, decentralized future. Founded by the initial team behind The Graph, Edge & Node is dedicated to the advancement of web3, a decentralized and fair internet where public data is available to all—an internet that enables its users to increase agency over their creations and their lives.

Edge & Node’s initial product is The Graph, an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS, which ensures open data is always available and easy to access. The Graph is used by thousands of protocols and dapps including Uniswap, Livepeer, Aave, Decentraland, and more. Edge & Node also launched Everest, a decentralized registry with the mission to catalyze the shift to web3, facilitating community-driven curation of projects providing ongoing utility to the crypto space.

To grow our Smart Contracts team, we are looking for an experienced, self-driven Solidity Engineer interested in working on the Graph Network. Designed entirely by the team, it combines several crypto-economic mechanisms such as curation with bonding curves, staking, delegation, slashing, and rewards distribution. The team is responsible for keeping the network contracts safe and pushing the tech further to advance the space.


  • Designing, coding, testing and deploying smart contracts of The Graph Network
  • Reviewing code written by other team members
  • Collaborating with auditors to ensure code quality standards and security
  • Working closely with Engineering, Research and Product areas to ship a consistent experience to our community
  • Writing scripts to automate monitoring and tracking to maintain the overall network health
  • Engaging our community by sharing our design decisions and document how the protocol works

Job Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience with Solidity
  • Understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, gas optimization tradeoffs and security best practices
  • Deployed real smart contracts that have seen public use (in TVL, middleware, governance) in Ethereum Mainnet
  • Experience with a scripting language for test automation and monitoring, preferably Javascript or Typescript
  • Experience in working with external contributors and community members. We collaborate and interact with our growing community of developers and indexers every day. All our code is public as well as the improvement proposal process.
  • Attention to detail
  • Have a collaborative, problem-solving attitude and be willing to help other team members
  • Have used security testing tools like MythX, Slither, Echidna, Mythril
  • Know how to use monitoring tools like Tenderly
  • Has deployed a subgraph before or understands what a subgraph is
  • Interested in Ethereum research - L2's, ETH 2, EIPS
  • Experience with Ethers.js and GraphQL
  • Experience working with multisig setups
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